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+What makes Cinch IT different from other IT businesses?
Our managed service offering is the most comprehensive support plan in the the industry. This offered backed with out proven sale training allows our franchises to sell and grow quicker than any other technology franchise. Secondly, the Franchises are FULLY supported by corporate. This is our secret sauce, so contact us to learn more about this one!
+What are the primary responsibilities of a Cinch IT franchise owner?

  • Cinch IT business owners focus on building the business and managing day-to-day operations.
  • They are responsible for acquiring and developing clients and maintaining customer relationships. This task is guided and managed by a proven sales and marketing process. As well as a step-by-step Marketing program.
  • They hire and manage technicians who will perform the onsite work.
  • They manage all financial, purchasing and other operational aspects of the business.

+What will it cost to open a Cinch IT franchise?
The start-up costs to open a Cinch IT Franchise are as follows:

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $50,000
  • Vehicle Graphics Package: $1,500
  • Initial Equipment Package: $3,000 to $5,000
  • Software Licenses: $3,500
  • Additional Funds*: $100,000
  • Required Liquidity: $50,000

* Additional funds reflect an estimate of the working capital you will need on hand during the initial phase of business operations. 

+What type of franchise candidate is Cinch IT looking for?
If you have the entrepreneurial drive and you want to be able to control your own future, then Cinch IT is an excellent business opportunity for you. An ideal franchise owner is one of the best Finance, Sales, Marketing, Project Management professionals in their industries that are now ready to make THEIR dreams come true. Today, they use their personal experience in combination with Cinch IT’s Franchise Development team to obtain their dream of independence.
+What type of training does Cinch IT provide?
You receive 30 (thirty) days of hands-on training at Cinch University in Worcester, MA. This training is termed “Set Up for Success” where we will focus setting up your business, everything from payroll, insurance and so much more.  You will then complete both our Sales and Marketing Training Program as well as our Technical Training. When you leave our office you will be completely prepared to starting making money from day 1.
+What type of assistance is provided after opening my franchise?
Our franchise development team at Cinch IT are committed to our franchise owners’ success. We provide the most comprehensive ongoing assistance and training program in the industry. From weekly video coaching, from helpdesk performance review, to technical consultation.  Our marketing team is also dedicated to the development and implementation of a wide array of online and traditional marketing tools and programs. We offer technical support to assist you with everything from hiring technicians to solving problems on-site at a client location.
+How many employees will I need?
You will need to hire a technician when you start the business. As you grow, you will add technicians to serve more customers, but the most amazing advantage of the Cinch IT franchise is that corporate handle 100% of your helpdesk calls and your technicians handle the onsite support.  This one MAJOR differentiation allows you to grow and scale your franchise faster than any other technology franchise.
+How do I get a copy of Cinch IT’s Franchise Disclosure Document?
You will receive Cinch IT’s FDD, after we have had a chance to discuss the business and learn about one another. Once you have submitted some preliminary information to determine whether you qualify for the franchise investment. The FDD outlines Cinch IT’s business partnership with franchisees in great detail. To receive the FDD, start a conversation with us by filling out the form below.

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