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our history

Helping small and medium-sized businesses realize their full potential

Today all businesses and I.T. franchises rely on technology to some extent. When technology fails, it costs businesses time, money, and reputation. That’s why businesses are eager to invest in reliable technology and a trusted I.T. support company. In fact, the global market for managed services will grow from $107.17 billion in 2014 to $193.34 billion by 2019, according to Markets and Markets. North America is expected to see the most growth in terms of revenues generated.

Despite the amazing growth in the I.T. industry, the industry remains very fragmented. According to CompTIA, there are about 118,000 “independent computer repair” I.T. companies in the United States, and only about 12,000 managed I.T. service providers. The majority of these companies are independent I.T. providers who serve companies that employ between 1 to 10 people. While there are a handful of MSPs that serve large companies, who employ 500+ people, Cinch I.T. franchise owners target clients who employ 10-100 people on average — the most under-served range.

Cinch I.T. was formed to support this under-served market. We have created a trusted national brand capable of delivering fast and friendly I.T. support, enterprise-level security, and professional consultation to help businesses leverage their technology.

Cinch IT Awards

Cinch IT becomes the Top Technology Franchise

The award-winning Cinch I.T. franchise model was established in 2004, strategically located in Worcester, MA so that we could easily support all of New England. Like so many I.T. companies we started as a one-man shop in a 10×10 office with no windows, but even then, the focus was on building great relationships with our clients. Over the years Cinch I.T. has been fortunate enough to see unbelievable growth. We have added some of the most brilliant minds in our industry to the team, we have expanded our Brand Nationally with accounts in over 34 states. We have been honored to have received numerous awards including being named one of the Top 501 Managed Service Providers Globally by Future Channels, Top 10 Industry CEOs of 2018, Best in Business 2017 and 2018, and many more.

Cinch I.T.’s CEO Rick Porter realized there was an overwhelming demand by businesses for great I.T. support all across the United States and that the creation of a best in class I.T. Franchise would be the best way to serve these businesses. Since then Cinch I.T. has poured resources into developing the Cinch I.T. brand, investing heavily to create a world-class organization capable of supporting hundreds of franchise owners nationwide.

“The importance of technology to business success has never been greater. In most industries technology is the business driver. It determines your business efficiencies, your level of productivity, and ultimately your profitability,” Rick says. “Our I.T. Franchise Owners are consulting and guiding business across the country and helping them realize their business’s full potential.”

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