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We are hands-down the fastest growing franchise opportunity in the nation because we are one-of-a-kind. Our Secret Sauce is what sets us apart.
So… what is it?
Top Technology Franchise - Secret Sauce


We provide you the brand, marketing, advertising, the proven sales strategy, and all the training you need to own a franchise. That way, you can go out and find new business while maintaining great relationships with your clients.
Centralized Help Desk


ALL of your clients will contact CINCH I.T. and CINCH CENTRAL will handle anything and everything that can be resolved remotely (which, on average, is 80-90% of all issues). If we cannot resolve it remotely, we will contact your computer franchise to troubleshoot on-site.

Centralized Projects


Say you want to sell a project that you don’t have the manpower for, or you want to sell a project that you don’t have the expertise to handle. Don’t worry, CINCH CENTRAL will provide the technical consultation you need as well as any additional manpower. That is the power of the nation’s fastest growing franchise.

Centralized Network Operations Center

CENTRALIZED Network Operations Center

CINCH CENTRAL will provide your clients with network and hardware monitoring, 24/7. We will monitor daily on-site and off-site backups, and conduct weekly network optimizations. When we discover any monitoring alerts, we will resolve them for you.

Centralized Distribution Center

CENTRALIZED Distribution Center

When your clients need new hardware and software, you can order everything directly from us. There’s no need to manage multiple vendors, certifications or spending minimums. Your computer franchise gets to utilize our buying power to make huge profits. Oh, and CINCH CENTRAL will preconfigure most of the items you buy, saving you hours and hours of work!

Centralized Billing


We want you to be able to focus on selling and servicing clients. To help make this possible, CINCH CENTRAL will handle your billing for you. They will also send collection emails once a month to help ensure you get paid!

Cinch IT Coffee Cup

We resolve


Of YOUR clients’ issues, so that you can focus on growing YOUR revenue.

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