What Does A Successful Franchisee Look Like?

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What Does A Successful CinchI.T. Franchisee Look Like?

Can I join Cinch I.T.'s top franchises if I don't have a tech background?

You do NOT need to be a technician or an experienced I.T. professional to run a successful Cinch I.T. top franchises location. As an owner, you will hire technicians to serve your customers. You will reach out to potential customers, learn about their businesses, and offer technology solutions that will make their businesses more efficient, secure, and profitable.

You will manage a team of technicians, but you don’t have to act as one. Cinch I.T. owners can come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of them will have technical experience and computer science degrees. Many others will have sales or executive management experience but recognize the massive potential of the technology industry’s top franchises.

Cinch I.T. President Rick Porter states: “The most successful franchise owner will be one who was the top Finance, Sales, Marketing, or Project Management professional in their industry. As a Cinch I.T. franchise owner, you will have to be able to guide your clients to help them make IT decisions that either drive revenue or manage the bottom-line. Often times a brilliant technician is not the best candidate to do this. A professional with strong business acumen can better become the liaison between a technical recommendation and the implications it would have on the customer’s own business.”

“A common complaint in the technology field is something called ‘geek speak.’ Simply not having a technical background will eliminate the use of technical jargon and help the franchise owner communicate better with the client.”

What does a successful franchisee look like?

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