What Kind of Training Is Offered?

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Comprehensive Franchisee Training

What Kind Of Training Is Offered?

Cinch I.T. franchisees receive 12 weeks of training and ongoing coaching

Cinch I.T.’s best franchises to own provide new owners with a six-week remote training program for two people, designed to build a strong core knowledge base of Cinch I.T. Sales, Operations, Marketing and Technical Management.

This introductory program is followed by enrollment at Cinch University, a two-week hands-on training program for two people at our corporate headquarters in Worcester, Massachusetts. Cinch University provides in-depth business management, sales, marketing, human resources, and technology training. That’s what makes Cinch I.T. one of the country’s best franchises to own.

New owners will also learn about all the additional resources that are available through Cinch I.T.’s Business Management System, such as an operational manual, database of knowledge, ticket system, ongoing training program, message board, equipment, vendor partnerships, and much more.

The Best Franchises to Own - What Kind Of Training Is Offered?

After graduation from Cinch University, Franchise Owners are assigned to their personal Franchise Development Officer who will provide weekly and monthly coaching. The Development Officer’s objective is ensuring the success of new Franchise Owners because our success depends on yours. In addition, our corporate headquarters will handle your preliminary marketing and business development. Our unique, seamless business model is why we’re nationally recognized as one of the best franchises to own.

We provide the most detailed training program in our industry. The training derives from a series of proven methods and procedures that have been developed by Cinch I.T. over the past 15+ years.”

– Mike Mosher, Director of New Technology

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