JUNE 13, 2022 // LOUISVILLE, KY AND TEMPE, AZ – Cinch I.T. is expanding its technology franchise to two more U.S. states! Cinch I.T. provides remote and onsite computer support. The services offered include I.T. support plans, network security, backup/disaster recovery, cloud computing, cybersecurity software, tech consulting, and more. The brand will be bringing its enterprise-level I.T. services to Louisville, KY, in June 2022 and Tempe, AZ, in July 2022.

America’s Fastest-Growing Franchise for Computer Support

The first Cinch I.T. Kentucky and Arizona offices are opening when demand for cloud-computing solutions has skyrocketed. Jonathan Means and Vas Dimovski will own and operate the Kentucky and Arizona locations, respectively. They will provide enterprise-level I.T. support to businesses across the Louisville and Phoenix metro areas – at a fraction of the cost of an in-house I.T. department. By partnering with Cinch I.T., Means and Dimovski have the advantages of franchising. They’re ready to deploy the best technical support franchise to businesses in their area.

“Cinch University is the most organized and comprehensive training program I’ve ever dealt with,” said Means. “They made the franchising process simple and easy to scale. More than anything else, Cinch I.T. gives you all the tools you need to manage a new franchise.”

“Cinch I.T. is going to revolutionize I.T. support in our community,” added Dimovski. “Unlike other I.T. providers, Cinch showed us how to get the best technical support franchise for the greater Phoenix area. They’re more than just a call center – they’re a complete I.T. provider in one package.”

Cinch I.T.’s “Secret Sauce”

Cinch I.T. lost no customers when the pandemic started. This success is largely due to its “secret sauce” – a centralized support system that handles around 80-90% of the support calls and helps tickets. This system, called Cinch Central, provides franchisees and clients access to a support system of over 50 team members and I.T. technicians.

This distinction gives Cinch I.T. of Louisville, KY, and Cinch I.T. of Tempe, AZ, an edge over in-house I.T. technicians struggling to keep up with demand and the increase in help tickets. Cinch Central enables franchisees to focus on what matters most – growing their business and building predictable recurring revenue.

“We are excited to be expanding our brand into the South and the Mountain West at a time when the demand for the best technical support franchise model is increasing,” said Rick Porter, President of Cinch I.T. and 2020 CRN Next-Gen Leader. “We saw our support calls triple as people shifted to remote work, so now is the perfect time to expand our reach and help even more businesses navigate their I.T. operations during the pandemic.”

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Revolutionizing Local I.T. Support

Protecting your data is more important than ever before. With Internet-enabled devices being a constant target for hackers, you must ensure that your digital assets are safeguarded and secure.

As mobile technology continues to shape how we work and play, businesses are looking for ways to modernize their operations. In particular, consumers find a growing need to connect remotely with companies and colleagues via laptops and smart devices; so whether in your home or office, you want reliable access to email servers and other business networks.

Whether your firm is just starting or has hundreds of employees across the country, you probably use some form of technology to keep things running smoothly. But if you’re unsure about what that looks like for a business, you might miss an opportunity to run more efficiently. If you work in Louisville or Tempe, now is the time to upgrade your I.T. infrastructure.

Cinch I.T. of Louisville, KY, and Cinch I.T. of Tempe, AZ, provide comprehensive remote and onsite computer support. The locations offer Cinch’s full suite of services, including:

  • I.T. support plans
  • Network security
  • Backup/disaster recovery
  • Cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity software
  • Tech consulting
  • And more!

The brand’s hands-on approach offers centralized client support, tech consulting, 24/7 network and hardware monitoring, hardware and software sales and distribution, and centralized billing so that each franchisee gears up for growth and success.

Ready to become your own boss? Join America’s fastest-growing I.T. support franchise today!

About Cinch I.T.

Since 2004, Cinch I.T. has provided customer-focused I.T. support for businesses of all sizes. Cinch I.T. is known for its fast and friendly service as the country’s leading technology franchise. Also, Cinch’s franchising service consistently ranks as one of the fastest-growing franchises in business publications. The company has won awards in the Worcester Business Journal, Inc. 5000, and the Channel Co. CRN. To learn more, visit cinchit.com, or for more information about information technology franchise opportunities, visit cinchfranchise.com.

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