Rick Porter, president of Cinch I.T., shares how his company provides veteran franchisees with the support needed to own and operate their businesses.

When it comes to finding reliable, dedicated franchisees, looking to the 19 million U.S. veterans is a great start. That’s why veterans account for 50 percent of Cinch I.T. franchisees. With such a high number of veteran franchisees as business owners, Cinch I.T. has developed a concrete support system to own and run a new venture business.

From One Veteran to Another

I am fortunate to be a veteran of the United States Army, just like so many of our franchise owners. I was a member of the Special Operation community assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment. During my time in the Army, I was fortunate enough to attend Special Operation Combat Medic School and Ranger School, where I developed as a leader. Through Cinch I.T.’s franchise program, I now have the opportunity to work with other veteran franchisees to help them develop as leaders. Leaders of their teams, their businesses, and their communities Being able to relate to the past lifestyle of other veterans help build strong relationships with these owners. It was important to understand their background and appreciate their sacrifices. “Rangers Lead the Way”!

Use Military-Inspired Processes

While in active duty, members train using the U.S. Army’s motto, “Task. Condition. Standard.” They learn to accomplish tasks through proven systems, processes, and standards. This formula allows military personal to achieve their goals efficiently. Using military-inspired processes within our company is a great way to help veteran franchisees connect their professional careers and time in the military. For example, one military-inspired process, Cinch I.T., uses the command and control of our helpdesk. The helpdesk consists of multiple “fire teams.” Our helpdesk fire teams are capable of autonomous operations as part of the larger unit, the company. By breaking up the helpdesk into fire teams, veterans can better understand how we work together to accomplish their goals.

Cinch Franchise helps veterans become successful business owners.

Create a Supportive Company Culture

Creating a supportive company culture is a direct route to a successful company. Providing the tools, support, and processes they need to be successful in their role will help them feel accomplished and enjoy their job. After all, veteran franchisees have the skills necessary to be excellent business owners – a strong work ethic, discipline, and determination – and they need a strong support system to back them. Basing your company culture around military ideologies will give veterans a sense of familiarity and confidence. If you want to see veteran owners succeed, it’s up to you to create a company culture that will make them excited and confident about their work. Providing them the proper support to successfully own and manage their own company is an excellent investment for any franchise.

Discount Initial Franchise Fees

Opening your franchise location isn’t cheap-saving up the money to open one is half the battle. It can take years to save up to achieve the American Dream – owning your own business. However, by discounting franchising fees for veteran franchisees, an opportunity is created for them that may not have been financially possible before. At Cinch I.T., the initial franchise fee is discounted by 50 percent for veterans. Cutting the initial franchising fee in half makes veterans’ journey into entrepreneurship more manageable and more affordable. In addition, providing an adequate discount rewards veterans and shows them how much we appreciate their services and sacrifices.

More Than Just the Discounted Fee

While everyone loves a good discount, creating an excellent opportunity for veterans to become business owners goes beyond affordability. To see veteran franchisees succeed as business owners, you need to remember who they are, where they come from, and how they operate. Veterans can excel in franchising because, similar to the military, franchises operate on consistency and routine. By taking the time to build a company culture they fit into, you can lead a company full of amazing veteran business owners!

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About Cinch I.T.

Since 2004, Cinch I.T. has been providing customer-focused I.T. support for businesses of all sizes. As the country’s fastest-growing franchise opportunity for veteran franchisees, Cinch I.T. is known for its fast and friendly service. Also, Cinch’s franchising service consistently ranks as one of the top I.T. franchises in business publications. The company has won awards in the Worcester Business Journal, Inc. 5000, and the Channel Co. CRN. To learn more, visit cinchit.com, or for more information about how to buy an I.T. franchise, visit cinchfranchise.com.

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