October 24th, 2019

The Sales Success Summit in Austin, Texas, consisted of the top 1% sales performers around the country. Our very own, Jay Small and Jack Wilson, were honored to be a part of the event. Both Jay and Jack describe the event as a “life-changing event” where they were able to connect with people who could share their growth and success.

Jay Small is a multi-unit franchise owner who had the honor to participate in discussing “Alternative Paths in Sales.” Having the ability to share the story of his journey from sales professional to franchise owner was extremely valuable. One thing that stood out to him more than anything was the importance of building a brand. Jay mentioned, “Some of the people down there have cultivated such large followings that the majority of their potential clients already know who they are before they get in touch with them.” Jay found this very powerful and wants to implement this with his brand. Along with putting the clients first. He mentioned, “I’m going to be ultra-focused on servant leadership to all of my clients to make sure that we are delivering the best I.T. experience possible.”

Jack Wilson, Cinch I.T.’s Director of Franchise Development had the honor of discussing ‘Moving Your Margins: The Impact of Minimum Viable Habits’ and ‘Sales Leadership Path.’ Jack mentioned this was a personal life-changing event. His perspective in the community of sales felt very powerful. “I felt an overall sense of responsibility in improving myself as a salesman. I was able to learn so much by just being surrounded by top sales professionals”. He also mentioned, “There were no rubbing elbows. Every conversation was very impactful”. Jack was able to share his success with Jay. “I was humbled and honored to be there with Jay and witness history. I’ve watched and coached Jay, and it was amazing to see him thrive in this experience.” Jack and a handful of Sales Success contributors are going to be featured in his second book titled ‘Sales Success Stories – Real Stories from Real Sellers’ by Scott Ingram. Here is the link; https://top1.fm/2020.

Jay and Jack were extremely honored to be a part of the Sales Success Summit. This was a life-changing event where they were able to connect with the top 1% sales performers around the country. They both can take what they’ve learned and use it to expand their sales expertise. Jay is thriving with his Cinch I.T. Franchises, and Jack is looking forward to implementing what he learned to improve himself as a salesman.

If you are interested in using your sales expertise, consider owning a Cinch I.T. Franchise today! There’s no need to have a technical background because Cinch I.T. corporate handles 80-90% of the day-to-day tech support. Jay’s background in sales has allowed him to build recurring revenue while he manages and grows his business. Maybe someday, you can own your Cinch I.T. Franchise and attend the Sales Success Summit with Jay and Jack. Apply today!

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