As the I.T. industry’s fastest-growing franchise, we give entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed. Keep reading to find out how our expansive franchise network is revolutionizing the computer franchise industry today.

A Fastest-Growing Franchise Should Be Productive, Profitable, and Secure

Today, all businesses and I.T. franchises rely on technology to some extent. When technology fails, it costs businesses time, money, and reputation. That’s why businesses are eager to invest in reliable technology and a trusted I.T. support company. According to Markets and Markets, the global market for managed services grew from $107.17 billion in 2014 to $193.34 billion by 2019. North America expects to see the most growth in terms of revenues generated.

Despite the amazing growth in the I.T. industry, the industry remains very fragmented. According to CompTIA, about 118,000 “independent computer repair” I.T. companies in the United States, and only about 12,000 managed I.T. service providers. The majority of these companies are independent I.T. providers who serve companies that employ between one to ten people. While a handful of MSPs serve large companies, who employ 500+ people, Cinch I.T. franchise owners target clients who employ 10-100 people on average — the most under-served range.

Our fastest-growing franchise model reduces downtime, increases productivity, and protects businesses all over the country from cyberattacks.

6 Reasons Why Cinch I.T. Is The Best Franchise To Own

We formed Cinch I.T. to support under-served small businesses. By creating a trusted national brand capable of delivering fast and friendly I.T. support, enterprise-level security, and professional consultation, we help businesses all over the U.S. grow.

Here are six reasons why Cinch I.T. is the best franchise to own:

1. We help you form a comprehensive business plan.

You do NOT need to be a technician or an I.T. professional to run a successful Cinch I.T. franchise. As an owner, you will hire technicians to serve your customers. You will reach out to potential customers, learn about their businesses, and offer technology solutions to make their businesses more efficient, secure, and profitable.

You will manage a team of technicians, but you don’t have to act as one. Cinch I.T. owners can come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of them will have technical experience and computer science degrees. Many others will have sales or executive management experience but recognize the massive potential of the technology industry’s fastest-growing franchise.

2. We offer a rigorous, hands-on training program.

Cinch I.T.’s franchise training provides new owners with a six-week remote training program for two people, designed to build a strong core knowledge base of Cinch I.T. Sales, Operations, Marketing, and Technical Management.

This introductory program includes enrollment at Cinch University, a two-week hands-on training program for two people at our corporate headquarters in Worcester, Massachusetts. Cinch University provides in-depth business management, sales, marketing, human resources, and technology training. That’s what makes Cinch I.T. the industry’s fastest-growing franchise.

3. We provide the fastest, friendliest I.T. support in the country.

For business owners in your area, Managed Services mean minimal to no downtime. We identify potential I.T. challenges and fix them before they can cause any issues. Cinch I.T.’s Helpdesk, Network Operations Center and On-Site Technicians ensure that all of your customers’ I.T. headaches are gone. Whether you’re dealing with an old computer that’s slowing down or software that needs a critical security patch, we’ve got your franchise covered – all for one simple, easy-to-understand I.T. franchise cost.

4. Our franchisees earn predictable, recurring revenue.

Our franchise owners understand that they’re unlocking a lifetime of predictable recurring revenue when they invest in the fastest-growing franchise.

There are few things more valuable to new business owners than a consistent, reliable revenue stream. When you open a Cinch I.T. franchise, you’re getting all of the buying power and brand influence of the nation’s fastest-growing I.T. franchise. CinchCENTRAL is the stabilizing force for your income. Our vendor partnerships and centralized help desk save you from the hassle of building an entire department from scratch.

With a predictable recurring revenue model, you can count on CinchCENTRAL to train your salesforce to build revenue in your territory. Hit the ground running with our top computer support franchises – don’t settle for anything less.

5. We’ve won countless awards for our Managed Computer Services.

Over the years, Cinch I.T. has been fortunate enough to see tremendous growth. By adding the most brilliant minds in our industry to our team, we have expanded our support plans with accounts in over 34 states. We’ve been honored to receive numerous awards, including being named one of the Top 501 Managed Service Providers Globally by Future Channels, the Top 10 Industry CEOs of 2018, Best in Business for the last four years running, and many more.

Since 2004, Cinch I.T. has grown into a nationally recognized brand. You can rest assured that our incredible company culture, hands-on support process, and generous franchisee benefits will transform the way you look at I.T.’s fastest-growing franchise.

6. We’re rapidly expanding across the U.S.

With franchises in 6 states – including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Georgia, Michigan, Connecticut, and Utah – we’ve built a formidable franchise model. By consolidating every region’s support into one capable help desk, we make life easy for our franchisees. No matter which territory you operate in, you get the full buying power and branding power of the nation’s fastest-growing franchise.

We give our franchisees the tools to connect with businesses in their area. Our business development team can send you the best seminars, conferences, and networking opportunities to meet industry leaders. Plus, with our full-court press team and digital marketing team, you can rest assured that your franchise will get the recognition it deserves.

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About Cinch I.T.

Since 2004, Cinch I.T. has been providing customer-focused I.T. support for businesses of all sizes. As the country’s fastest-growing franchise, Cinch I.T. is known for its fast and friendly service. Also, Cinch’s franchising service consistently ranks as one of the top I.T. franchises in business publications. The company has won awards in the Worcester Business Journal, Inc. 5000, the Channel Co. CRN, and more. To learn more, visit cinchit.com, or for more information about franchise opportunities, visit cinchfranchise.com.

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