I.T. franchises are growing are a record pace in the U.S. But how do you hire the best I.T. franchise sales team to grow your business?

The tech landscape is always changing. Technology is moving at a fast-paced, especially over the last decade. These recent technological advancements result in the proliferation of tech companies, tech businesses, and I.T. franchises who flood the markets with new products and services almost every hour. Right now, an I.T. franchise is certainly one of the best franchises to own.

Of course, these advancements in technology have changed the lives of consumers for good. But there is always something new and better in the market that will attract sales professionals.

How to Build the Right Franchise Sales Team

This mindset opens a whole new door of opportunities for these I.T. franchisees who are eager to get their I.T. solutions and products in front of their target audience. And to achieve this, they need to put together the right sales team to help them achieve their target.

However, there is a particular difficulty hiring seasoned and capable tech sales professionals. Firstly, there is a high demand for franchise sales talents. Secondly, these franchise sales roles are some of the toughest jobs in sales.

According to a recent interview with over 300 H.R. managers at U.S-based I.T. companies, a staggering number of respondents plan to invest more in recruiting and hiring sales talent.

If you aim to own one of the fastest-growing franchises, you will need the right sales team to drive that growth. Keep reading to learn five tips that will help you find the right components of a dream sales team to help you become successful.

1) Clearly Define the Tech Sales Position

Technology franchises who find themselves with square pegs in round holes often do so when they fail to clearly define the job description of the tech sales position they need.

Before you begin looking for talent, you need to deliberate about your demands. Also, you must include every must-have requirement needed of the talents in this position.

Some of the important qualities you should define include work experience, skills, educational qualifications, and certain personality traits. Once you have all you need clearly stated, it will be easier to assess each candidate’s portfolio objectively.

Next is to separate relevant keywords that can help you find the right candidate in a search. In essence, you want to list out those keywords that will differentiate your technology sales role from another tech stack. Some of these keywords include SaaS, software, and technology.

By listing out these buzzwords, you enable top sales talent to find your I.T. franchise. Also, you can easily find top talent yourself on platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed.

2) Entice Top Tech Sales Talent

Finding the perfect candidate for your franchise sales team may prove difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to hire. It just means you have to adopt a creative approach to get your desired talents on board.

The best technology sales talent, those who get things done, are creative people with personalities. So, when next you want to reach out, don’t just use a standard contact form and fill in their details. They’ll know your level of interest in their talent and won’t respond. Be personable in your approach and try to form a connection with them instead.

3) Don’t Prolong the Recruitment Process

For the hundredth time, the market for top sales talent is very competitive. So, if you can find the perfect candidate for your sales team, there’s no reason to delay the recruitment process. You need to move fast.

The truth is, when you come across a great prospect, you know if that’s your tech sales talent. Hence, everything from your initial discussions, interviews, and offer stage needs to involve clarity and purpose.

Also, you shouldn’t leave your candidates hanging or guessing about each stage of the recruitment process. Keep in touch with them. Let them know what’s going on and what are the next steps in the process.

Remember: if you think you’re in conversation with great talent, other technology franchises also think the same. You need to move fast.

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4) Look for the Right Qualities

Many desirable traits separate the average franchise sales team from the superstars. Every industry has specific traits that the best salespeople have; the same is true for those who will be selling an opportunity to join the fastest-growing I.T. franchise.

Be on the lookout for the following qualities in every candidate:

Critical Thinking

In every sales position, it’s important to be able to identify the client’s needs. But when dealing with tech products and services, this key trait becomes even more critical for your sales rep to possess.


Not every client is sure exactly what’s good for them. Some need you to hold their hands and tell them the route to take. Your sales rep needs to be convincing, persuasive, and someone that could hold their own in conversations. With these key qualities, it will be very difficult for them to sell I.T. products and services.


Sales in any industry can involve a great deal of rejection. Not every lead is going to pan out, and not every prospect is going to close. The ideal hire for your I.T. franchise sales team will have the tenacity to follow up on sales leads without getting discouraged.

5) Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Once you find the perfect sales talent, you need to move immediately to the “offer” stage. This candidate has given you enough reasons to hire them throughout the recruitment process. Now, it’s your turn to give them enough reasons to be better off working for you.

Look around you or consult with compensation experts to determine what constitutes a competitive offer in your locality.

Beyond salary, you can sell many other perks and benefits to help your candidate decide where and who to work for next. Describe your franchise sales training program to set up your new hire for success.

Think back to the conversations you had with a candidate and prepare a compensation package that most aligns with the needs of your business.

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