September 25th, 2019


You don’t need to be a technician or an experienced IT professional to run a successful Cinch I.T. Franchise. As an owner, you will network with potential customers, learn about their businesses and offer technology solutions that will make their businesses more efficient, secure and profitable. The Cinch I.T. Help Desk will handle 80-90% of all technical issues for you and you will only need to hire a technician to handle the small 10-20% of on-site support requests. As a business owner, you will manage a technician (maybe even a team of them as you grow) but you won’t have to handle technical issues yourself.

Cinch I.T. owners can come from a variety of backgrounds: some of them have technical experience and computer science degrees, others have sales or executive management experience but recognize the massive potential of the technology industry. Your goal as the owner is to guide your clients and help them make IT decisions that either drive revenue or manage the bottom-line.

Partnerships and relationships are crucial to success in the technology industry. A professional with strong business acumen can become a valuable partner to clients, understanding the balance between a technical recommendation and the impact it would have on the client’s business. Sales professionals and experienced business people are skilled in the ability to effectively communicate and can express to CEO’s and business owners how technology will enhance their profitability.

If you are wondering what it takes to become a Cinch I.T. Franchise owner, the answer is experience in sales or management and a strong work ethic. There is no need for a Computer Science degree or years of I.T. experience because we handle most client issues for you and we provide you with all the training necessary to ensure your success. So, if you want to put your sales experience or business management skills to better use building recurring income for yourself, then contact us today to apply for a Cinch I.T. Franchise.


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As the United States’ most comprehensive IT franchise, our mission is to help entrepreneurs start and grow their own Managed Services business. Our technology franchise was designed to help owners overcome the obstacles that hinder their growth. To learn more, visit https://cinchfranchise.com/

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